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New Year = New Stock Recomendations

New Carolin Gold Corp. Receives Noteworthy Endorsement as Top Canadian Pick for 2016

Every year at this time stock analysts come out with recomendations on which stocks or sectors of a certain industry will be the better performer. Of course with gold and other metals being down so much over the last few years it's hard to find any who are upbeat and have anything positive to say. Last year a couple of analysts I remember said Kaminak and Sabina would be the better performers. Turns out they were pretty much dead on as Kaminak ended the year close to a high as did Sabina. Both of these plays are well into advance stages. Kaminak with it's Coffee Gold Project outside Dawson and Sabina with it's Black River project.

This year it turns out that two well known followers of the mining sector are both following New Carolin Gold. Both Jay Taylor and Rick Mills have put out a news wire with all the merits of New Carolin Gold. After I did some research on my own as well as having them featured here on the website, I can very well see why this play could be a golden star this year. At 5 cents a lot of people think this will be an easy 10 bagger this year. I have my own highlights written here about this stock.There has always been the old saying of buy when it is out of favor and right now gold and mining are out of favor, however the past few trading sessions since the new year started is showing some good sign for gold and gold stocks so now would be a great time to look at getting in on some of the forgotten gold plays.

Also of interest here is some new listings of a few more gold mining operations for sale. Two are Yukon and one is in BC. I've always said "Why buy gold when you can buy a gold mine". Take a look at what's for sale right here.

Reasons To Buy A Turnkey Mining Operation

With gold prices in the tank it makes it hard for a lot of the smaller operations to turn a profit. A lot of juniors are on the verge of going under and many others are merging with others to stay afloat. The markets in general are not on the side of the junior at all these days. No one is really interested in putting out any money for any kind of placement or share issues. I expect to see a lot fewer junior mining companies in a year from now. However in the placer side of gold mining, things haven't slowed down very much at all. This summer saw good volumes of crews working creeks throughout BC and the Yukon. With gold prices in the mid $1,400 Cdn range for most the summer it was possible for a lot of miners to stay working and make few dollars.

With all the gold shows on TV lately there has been a strong interest with a lot of people to get out and go mining. For various reasons I get emails asking me about how to stake ground and all that sort of stuff. I try point the prospective prospector in the direction of whatever government department for that area is. Some write back surprised that it can be quie an ordeal depending on what area they plan on mining or prospecting in.

The one thing that I try to also point out is that it seems that each year it gets harder to mine or at least it becomes more costly. Aside form high fuel and other in put costs, there sure seems to be a rise in cost in fees permitts. Also uncertainty with land issues and other special interest groups makes for difficulty in properly drawing up a mining plan of any kind. On one hand people are still allowed to stake ground but then comes all the review issues. Some of these reviews can take not only weeks but months. This is time that could be spent exploring instead of sitting. With all this mind it is wise to start your permitting process as early as possible. For anyone interested in buying or staking property for the first time, you need to be proactive and get the forms in the system as soon as possible. Some jurisdictions are more complex than others so it best to read up before hand to see what you will need to proceed.

This is one of the reasons why I promote the classified section of this website. A lot if not all of the mines and claims that are listed for sale are being sold by claim owners and or the miners themselves. These people who are selling these mining operations can help you get through the legal issues and government mumbo jumbo. They've been there and done that. with a guiding hand you can be out digging for gold instead of digging through paper work. Another big factor is most of these mining operations already have permitts in place. In other words all the nitty gritty paper stuff is most likely done.

Anyone who follows the gold market these days is probably questioning why the price of gold is still so low. No sooner does it start a bit of climb and "whack" down it goes. There are always lots of conspiracy theories out there about manipulation by bullion banks and big money people but trying to find out the real truth on why gold is acting the way it is, one needs to get a bit of an inside perspective.

As someone who gold mines and runs this website, I have to be some sort of a gold bug. If I was a farmer I would love to see high grain prices so being a gold miner it is in my best interest to see high gold prices and of course lower input costs like fuel.

Anyhow, this video just came out this week, November 10 I think, between Greg Hunter and Craig Hemke. Craig who is a wall street veteran and trader knows the inside story and has some real interesting facts about why gold is acting the way it is. Craig also run a metals website. Once you watch this video though you just may come away with a totally different perpective on how the gold market works and the bit about conspiracy theories. I don't usually recomend vidoes but this one for me was a real eye opener. I hope you as readers find it the same.

Also we look at Silver Spruce Resources over at Gold Mine Radio. Silver Spruce is a 7 cent stock exploring in Mexico and has some ground that could see some promising results.

And there is a few more placer properties listed on the classified ad page. Wilson Creek in Atlin is now split into 3 parcels.

Not all juniors are sitting on 52 weeks lows. Some miners are moving up in price although still a long way off from historic highs. Check out the Gold Mine Radio to read a bit more.

Also there is a new large placer property just listed. This one is south of Whitehorse on the Atlin road but still on the Yukon side of the border. If your in the market for placer gold properties, you might want to check it out as having ground this close to Whitehorse is almost uheard of these days.

For all us gold and silver bugs out there, enjoy the 2 videos below. Wish this guy would come around to my town.

Back To 2002

No one needs to be reminded of the carnage that is going on with mining stocks. We are usually used to the so called summer doldrums where trading is light and stocks have a tendancy to slide or languish. But this year things have seemed to come unraveled at the seams. Just one look at the chart below and you can see that the XAU is back down to 2002 levels. Gold as the time of this writing is down $27.00 to $1107. Monday morning is going to look pretty ugly.

The Next Metals Bull Run

Just when will we see another bull run in the metals? That's a questions so many who follow the mining sector wonder. A lot of newsletter writers will say that when the masses of the general population decide to run the for the metal, that is when we should see a good price rise in the metal. What surprises me though is just how few people even know or understand precious metals. Take a look at the following video just to see how clueless some people really are when it comes to something as simple as silver.

Some Spring Mining News

There was a recent article in the Yukon News paper that was quite interesting. It seems that since the Alberta oilpatch has slowed down there is getting to be a lot of trucks and trailers with Alberta plates in the Dawson area. I notice here in Atlin also that there is above the normal amount of Alberta plates normally seen. According to the article a lot of these Alberta companies do oilfield construction work such as building roads and leases and with the big oil companies cutting back on drilling and exploration, these construction companies have a lot of equipment that needs to be put to work and where better to work this equipment that in the gold fields. With gold prices firming or at least holding steady, lower fuel cost and and Canadian dollar that give about 20% more in the gold price, it's easy to see why some of these companies have started moving euipment and workers north.

If you are interested in placer gold mining in either BC or the Yukon there is a geat selection of claims and properties listed throughout this website. Take the time to look over the ads on this home page and you can also click the yellow banner up top to take you to the classified ad page where there is a lot more ads.

Junior Mining In 2015

No one has to tell you that things in the commodity camp are a little bit bearish right now. Whether it be gold, silver, copper or oil, the price of the commodity and the stocks they represent are all pretty much in the cellar. And today Cellar could also be spelled Seller. Just one look at the chart below and you know that the situation for investors today is kind of grim.

Of course you can also look on that same chart going back to 2009 and see what happened in 2010-2011. The big question today is, "Will history repeat itself?" There are a lot of us gold bulls that say yes. After all if you're in the gold camp you have to be positive on the yellow metal and all other commodities for that matter.

We live in interesting times right now with money printing, economies wrecked, zero percentage rates and so on. Someday something has to give. Will it be this year that we see that someday?

Updated mining stock talk. A look at Peregrine Diamonds. Also some new mines listed for sale in both BC and the Yukon. You can view them on the classified ad page

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