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Over 2000 Acres Of Alaska

The Shirley Bar Claims consist of over 2000 acres of State mining claims and include the famous Shirley Bar. They are located about 2.5 hours by highway from Fairbanks and 20 miles by highway from Manley Hot Springs. The claims also have their own airstrip and hanger.

This mine is a turn key operation. The mining season begins in mid May and continues thru mid October. The mine produces large nuggets. In the past two years, several nuggets over 5 ounces have been recovered and a previous owner found a 28 ounce nugget

See web page for more details and photos HERE Or Click The Image Above

Contact: Jason Dobson
Phone: 870-489-4305

35 Legendary Klondike Gold Claims

This is a very rare find: A large group of gold claims that have been proven, have a good history, and easy access. We are twenty miles from Dawson City Yukon Canada.
Half hour drive from town. In the spring, summer and fall the government maintains the road. The access is good to these claims throughout the season.
24 claims are located on Carmack Fork at 10 kilometers on upper Bonanza road. And 11 claims half a mile further up, Upper Bonanza road.

Of the 24 claims on Carmack Fork 20 claims are still virgin. So far these claims have produced no less than 1 oz for every 100 yards sluiced.
All indications, drill reports and bulk samples have shown values way higher further up the valley. There are plenty of signs of work by the old timers, old shafts and campsite can still be seen.

See web page for more details and photos HERE Or Click The Image Above

Contact: Dave Trainer
Cell Phone: 250-500-3842

Historic Silver King Mine

Reserve estimates (Non NI 43-101): CAN $23 million remaining at today's prices. New vein discovered in recent drilling. Over 600 acres of mineral rights including 111 acres of deeded land in 7 parcels (2015 assessed land value $292.9k). Land plus mineral rights asking CAN $339k plus low NSR.

BC government geologists examining mineralization at the Silver King.

Location and Access
Located 19 kms (11.8 miles) by a logging road, south west of Nelson BC, Canada, at an elevation of 5,900 feet (1,800 metres).

Geology and references can be found in the BC Ministry of Mines Minfile

Production History
In the 1890's the mine was developed and a smelter was built to process the high grade direct shipping ore. Operations ceased in the WW I era. Approximately 200,000 tons ore were processed at a grade of 680 g/ton (22 opt) silver and 3.4% copper.

Exploration Highlights
1960's: discovered a new silver vein, blocked out reserves and led to a production recommendation (never implemented).
Drilling and mapping done in 1983 resulted in further calculations of underground and dump reserves.
2009: 25 holes drilled. Results included many significant vein intercepts and discovery of a new vein.
Drill reports, & details, see and

Exploration Targets
1. Drilling below mine workings
2. Drilling South Anomaly
3. Extension of the Cariboo gold zone onto the property
4. Drilling on historic and newly discovered vein systems

See L. Dandy's 2011 NI 43-101 compliant report for details of these recommendations which can be found at

Contact: Don

Three Gold Properties For Sale
or will consider joint venture if you have equipment.

Two properties are in Yukon and one in B.C. Both Yukon Mines are fully permitted and B.C. mine is in application process. Each property has historical and recent records showing thousands of ounces of production and hundreds of thousands of ounces in reserve. Extensive documentation is available for each of these properties including, 43-101 reports, geology reports, seismic reports, production and historical records. These will be made available to qualified buyers.

35 Claims (1731 acres) located in British Columbia. Historical production records for this property show that between 1865 and 1866 over 5000 ounces were recovered and an additional 300 ounces in a 1994 testing program. Estimated gold reserves are in excess of 250,000 ounces. Surface values have been tested at 6-9 dollars per cubic yard and deeper values range from 33-54 dollars per cubic yard. Depths to bedrock vary from 25-75 feet. This property can be profitably mined from the surface to the bedrock. Gold has assayed at over 90% pure and ranges from fine gold up to very large nuggets. A large 14 oz nugget was found in the 1800's and many 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce nuggets in the 1994 testing program. This property also includes 4,107 Hectors of hard rock claims with samples yielding as high as 59 oz. per ton. There is a wash plant available for this site.

40 Claims (920 acres) located in Yukon. Historical records are unknown however many shafts and tunnels have been found indicating past work. In the past 14 years over 1800 ounces have been taken out during mining and assessment work programs. Estimated gold reserves are in excess of 50,000 ounces. Values range from 6 dollars per cubic yard on the surface to 120 dollars per cubic yard on bedrock. Only 2 ft of frozen black muck needs to be stripped to expose the pay gravels. Depth to bedrock varies from 25-40 feet. Gold has assayed at around 91% pure and ranges from fine gold up to very large nuggets, including a 5 oz nugget found in 2003 and numerous 1-3 ounce nuggets found during assessment work. One test yielded 54 ounces from 800 cubic yards. Equipment on site includes a 150 yard per hour wash plant, Generator, Fiat Allis 40B Caterpillar, fuel tanks and some camp facilities.

77 Claims (1771 acres) located in Yukon. Historical records are from 1980 to 1994 a total of 18000 ounces were produced. Estimated gold reserves are in excess of 100,000 ounces. Values range from 10-35 dollars per cubic yard. There are 5 feet of black muck to be removed along with 10 feet of barren gravels in order to expose the gold bearing gravels. Depth to bedrock varies between 20-25 feet. Gold has been assayed at around 83% pure and ranges from fine gold up to 4 gram nuggets. Equipment on site includes a 200 yard per hour wash plant and a JD350 D-LC Excavator.

Contact: Ray

Junior Mining In 2015

No one has to tell you that things in the commodity camp are a little bit bearish right now. Whether it be gold, silver, copper or oil, the price of the commodity and the stocks they represent are all pretty much in the cellar. And today Cellar could also be spelled Seller. Just one look at the chart below and you know that the situation for investors today is kind of grim.

Of course you can also look on that same chart going back to 2009 and see what happened in 2010-2011. The big question today is, "Will history repeat itself?" There are a lot of us gold bulls that say yes. After all if you're in the gold camp you have to be positive on the yellow metal and all other commodities for that matter.

We live in interesting times right now with money printing, economies wrecked, zero percentage rates and so on. Someday something has to give. Will it be this year that we see that someday?

Updated mining stock talk. A look at Peregrine Diamonds. Also some new mines listed for sale in both BC and the Yukon. You can view them on the classified ad page

Omineca Placer Gold Properties

Placer Gold Claims for Sale in North Central British Columbia.

All our properties are on historically significant gold creeks and hold great potential for modern day placer operations.

West Omineca Placer Gold Project
22 Placer claims on 4 creeks Tom, Harrison, Kenny, and Vital
Lots of history in the area, great potential for high grade gold recovery $177,000.

Toodoggone Placer Gold Project
261.62 Hectares of Placer ground in the Toodoggone River Valley
Records indicate very encouraging gold values in a 700,000 cubic yard deposit with little to no overburden. Never been worked with machinery $130,000.

Germansen South Placer Gold Project
4 Placer Gold Claims in the Germansen Landing/ Manson Creek Area. Covering approximately 300 Hectares. Approximately 1KM of Germansen River frontage.
Lots of History in the area $70,000

Germansen North Placer Gold Project
4 Placer Gold Claims in the Germansen Landing/Manson Creek area with total area of approximately 350 Hectares.
The properties have approximately 1Km of Germansen River frontage, and several smaller creeks on them. $100,000

See the website for more details HERE


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