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Package Of 3 D8 Cats

$50,000 for D8 CAT Package if sold by March 30, 2019, and all parts and machines removed from property by June 1, 2019.

1975 D8K with Multi-shank Ripper and Rebuilt U-Blade
New skin, sides and wear plates on arms. 80% undercarriage. Left side track tensioner replaced spring. Belly pans replaced. Reconditioned heads and injection pump. New water pump. Cracks or leaks have been dealt with. Stripped or broken head bolt should be dealt with and both heads pulled to check liner protrusions. Left side steering clutch needs attention; may be a valve body issue. Engine needs a service and cutting edges should be turned soon.

1968 D8H with Multi-shank Ripper and U-Blade
Bottom rollers are good and have rock guards. Good pup motor and engine runs smooth. Damaged transmission suction hose and pump have just been replaced. Needs right side idler and track tensioning rod replaced. I have the parts. Rail pads and sprockets are 20%. Blade lift rams need kits.

1963 D8H Angle Blade and Winch
Recent rad and injection pump. Pup motor just rebuilt. Undercarriage removed to deal with leaking finals. I acquired 8K outer bearing packages to upgrade the light early bearings. New early style seals are needed. Undercarriage rollers and idlers have been built up with weld, but top rollers are sad. Rails are tired, but pads are good. Has new centre bull-pin block on C-frame. Cat has full set of guards and looks good. Engine has been serviced but transmission needs oil and some assembly is required on winch. I had drum repairs done and brake relined and new hydraulic hoses made up. Have cable with bull hook.

    All parts in my yard pertinent to D8H & K:
  • Beales road builder 8K C-frame. Twin tilts.
  • Blade fair, except for separated weld in centre.
  • Extra Beales or similar blade in good shape.
  • Pallet of new and slightly used corner bits of both varieties
  • D8K C-frame for pin pocket side arms
  • Brush blade for H or K with side arms.
  • Scruffy angle blade with hardware.
  • Spare ripper shank with hardware.
  • Pallet of 22 wide pads at 50%.
  • Pallet of 24 wide 30% pads, regrouserable.
  • Pallet of 8 new bottom rollers.
  • Pallet of 10 of 40% bottom rollers, 4 to 6 top rollers, 8K belly pans and assorted engine and cab guards and spare open canopy
  • One 8K steering clutch and brake unit and rebuildable torque converter. Still functioned, but was making aluminum.
  • Two 60% front idlers.
  • 60% or better sprocket segments.
  • One spare sprocket.
  • Buckets of used and new sprocket, pad, undercarriage, and blade bolts.
  • 8K muffler.
  • Rebuildable transmission and hydraulic pumps.
  • Scads of filters, parts and service manuals for D8H $ K

Contact: Lloyd Brown
Ph: 250 651-7773