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New Updated Information. May 3 2011

Brief Description

The Boundary Red Mountain Mine includes full legal title of approximately 94.5 acres of mineral rich land with 6 contiguous patented lode claims and mill sites including the Rocky draw lode, Klondike lode, Mountain Boy Lode, Glacier Lode, Climax lode, & Climax Ext No. 1 lode. Located in Whatcom County, Washington, U.S.A., the mine is approximately 1 mile south of the Canadian Border. It is within close approximation of the currently active Lone Jack Mine.


Patented Mine with 6 contiguous lode claims and mill sites (Full Legal Title) Approximately 94.5 Acres of Land

1,262,480 Gold ounces estimated including salvage, estimated, and inferred resources

Estimated Monthly Net Operating Income of $7.89 Million based on a 400 ton per day operation

Additional significant reserve potential in unexplored areas and extralateral rights

Located in Whatcom County, Washington, USA off of Mt. Baker Highway/542

Reports, Assays, publications, and maps, are available upon request Assays, reports, and maps are available upon request

For more information contact - Serious inquiries only.



Thousands of acres to prospect on here in British Columbia. Lot's of proven ground. Use 100% of your lifetime membership towards the purchase of any claim and retain your membership. Bedrock canyon's, benches,old channels, flower gold, big flake and nuggets. Nugget's over an ounce have been found on some of our ground.

Come check us out at


Underground Gold Mine In The Cariboo

Placer Mining Technology Aura-Fina Mines For Sale or Joint Venture.
This mine is located 60 km from Quesnel British Columbia Canada on Hwy 26 (Barkerville Hwy) Aura Fina Creek near Tregillus Lake.


  • 1000 Acres plus placer property, 5000,000 cubic yards surface gravel.
  • 3 Tertiary Channels ready for exploration (road to site)
  • 1-underground tertiary channel opened up distance of 70 ft-just into pay-gravel.
  • Very high values per cubic yard.
  • Includes all roads, settling ponds, power & air in place for drilling and circulation, no seepage of water underground, work permits, bonds in place to start within two weeks.

For more information please contact Joan
Ph: 1-250-747-2249


Gold Claims In The Cariboo & Cassiar

Good mining claims in the Cariboo and Cassiar area of BC.

McDame Creek # 601765, #611983
Bench #595799, #611983
All claims have good access and water, have info on file.

BULLION properties Fraser River Prince George area proven
$30,000 firm. #599120 and six more cells.

Towler Creek Quesnel River #706785 good access, water good for large or small opperation $7500

Quesnel River #706976 large bench good access $15,000

Swift River #706953 on the river near old operation. Good claim for small opperator $6500

To view these claims in the BC map viewer Click Here

Contact: Mike
Ph: (250) 992-9542

Jan. 20.10


1. LEGACY hardrock claims for sale in the very HOT & ACTIVE Cariboo District, British Columbia, Canada.

This region is massively blanket-staked. The subject properties, NTS 093A, are just 14km NE from the very active "Spanish Mtn. Gold Ltd." on Spanish Mtn. & "Barker Minerals Ltd." is also working nearby in the Cariboo Mtns.

Property Details:
Properties consist of 5 claims, one cliam with rustic cabin, covering 325 hectares; has nearby hydro, was logged, contains many water courses, accessible by forestry roads. The Wells & Barkerville regions just north from these claims boast Historic Mines in the greenschist facies, defined as mid-Jurassic deformation & metamorphism. Subject properties host hundreds of meters of gold-bearing quartz veins in mafic-ultramafic assemblage rocks.

These Properties were showcased at the 2002 Vancouver Mining Convention, "Prospectors Showcase".

2. Placer cell, 39.27 hectares, for sale within the above stated hardrock claim area.

3. Misc. For Sale
- Metal detector $ 1550
- New plastic "Hi-Bank Sluice" $ 1125
- Used alum. Hi-Bank Sluice.
- Used alum. LongTom.
- New 1" pump with warranty. $ 975
- Used 1" pump.
- Misc. tools: pans, picks, shovels, packs, chisels, etc.

Selling as health & age are determining factors.

For furthur information:
Contact: Sheran Paterson, Merle Matherly
5379 Babcock Rd.
100 Mile House, BC, V0K 2E1
Phone: (250) 395-3019

Jan 18.10


Three (3) 40 acre unpatented State gold mining claims on Holdem Creek, Circle Mining District, 2 hours from Fairbanks. Flows out of Ketchum Dome, historically rich, road access. Year round water.

Location: Fairbanks Meridian, T8N, R14E Sec 35 & 36
Price: $7500 each

Jan 5.10

Arizona Rich Hill Placer Claims

Two contiguous 40-acre Arizona placer claims available in the Rich Hill area in the Weaver Mining District for $5500 each or both for $7700.
Good road access (do not need a 4X4).

Serious inquiries only.

Contact John K
Ph. 224 200-3664 for more info.

Jan 4.10

Cassiar B.C. For Sale Or Joint Venture

McDame Creek Placer claims in Cassiar B.C. # 601765 and # 611983 totalling 140 hectars for sale or joint venture to the right partner. Must have enough funds to go into production. Records and more info available. Also have two more groups of claims upstream on McDame Creek benches.

Bullion Claims on Fraser River 140 ha # 599355 and adjoining claims along river. Potential of 525,000 meters of five oz per 100 yds of fine gold minimum. A 2009 bulk test ran 3 oz from 50 yds recovery.

Contact: Mike
Ph: (250) 992-9542


Junior Public Company wants gold and rare earth properties in Canada. Properties must have a 43-101 report and be an advanced exploration or pre-production property.
Greenfields properties are of little interest.

Contact: Pat Barry
Ph: (949) 362-1600 Email:

38 Yukon Gold Claims

38 placer gold claims in historical Yukon with water liscence good through 2016. Some machinery. Serious enquiries only.

Ph: 250-674-2767


We have over 1700 hectares of placer ground on past producing creeks in the Atlin camp in northern BC. We're now looking for a well-equipped and financed operator to test and get some of these properties into production, on a lease basis.

Contact: Brian Scott Box 77 Tagish Yukon
(867) 399-3214

Wanted. Placer Gold

WANTED, in large quantities, Placer Gold/Gold Dust, 80% to 92% or better range.
Please contact Christian at
Ph. 250-896-3350

There's Gold In Those Black Sands

Here are reasons why you need to be saving ALL those frustrating black sands. New ebook reveals how to turn black sands into cash.

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Huge Opportunity Awaits

This property is a known Gold Producer and was first discovered in 1835. The mine was worked on an intermittent basis up until 1936 but was never a large producer due to the soil conditions being too soft for traditional shaft mining. Two shafts with a connecting drift were once in operation. The first 70 to 95 feet are a saprolite reddish clay. Directly under this layer is a gold bearing quartz vein ranging from 8 inches to 6 feet in thickness (depth) averaging 20 inches. The vein runs persistently through 280 feet of a known drift but requires further testing to determine its exact length. We anticipate the vein to run over 900 feet. The exact width of the vein has yet to be precisely determined but ranges at least 40 to 50 feet known by recorded drill tests.

Additional exploration is needed to determine the exact size of the ore body. Recorded assays (historical and recent ones conducted as recent as 8/03/2009) reveal an average of 1.126 ounces of free milling gold per ton that averages 890 fine. High grade pockets containing in excess of 11 ounces per ton are also on the property but exploration has not proceeded far enough to determine the exact dimensions of these rich ore shoots. The vein strikes N. 60 degrees E. and dips 45 degrees SE. The remaining metals are predominantly silver and a small amount of copper and molybdenum.

The Moss Mine Property consists of approximately 48 Acres with a Historical Mill House constructed in 1936 still standing. The Historical Information can be found by referencing "Virginia Geological Survey - Outline of the Mineral Resources of Goochland County, Virginia - Bulletin 48 - 1938" pages 9,12,13,23-29, illustration plate 9 and mine workings and shaft drawings page 25.

At least one additional well defined quartz vein averaging 29 inches thick runs under the first vein at approximately 125 feet below the surface but again, further exploration is necessary to determine its value.

We are looking for a mining contractor that would be interested in exploration and mining of the property on a percentage basis but are also willing to consider a sale. Our Terms are Negotiable and All of our Records including Geophysical, VLF, Magnetic, Drill Cores and Assays are accessible. Over 500,000 has already been spent in exploration to date. A possible option on the adjoining 650 acres may also be available.

All inquires should be directed to

Legal & Financial Assistance For Mining Claims

Do you have or a desire to acquire: rights to explore, claims, options on properties, interests in joint ventures, stakes or outright purchase options? If you would like to extract some additional value from these items or monetize, please contact me at:


Small Mining Companies Wanted

I am looking for small mining companies that are gold mining anywhere in the world (preferably in Africa) or that will be soon that are in need of modern mining equipment but do not have the funds to purchase such equipment. This is NOT a loan but if a company is willing to meet certain conditions then we can provide the equipment at no cost to them.

All inquiries (serious only) should be directed to me at the email address below.



Looking for a lifetime of adventure on proven gold bearing ground? Own your own placer gold claim in BC. Pan or sluice for your very own gold in the heart of British Columbia's stunning backcountry!

Please visit

Out of country customers welcome!

Warning: This property is offered for sale for mining purposes only and ownership to the title of it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.


Unit is designed after the NZ (New Zealand) style mobile wash plant / pilot plant.

  • 33 to 50 ton per hour capacity (20 - 30 yard per hour)
  • mounted on a 20 foot Snake River gooseneck tri-axle trailer (can be skid mounted)
  • 42" x 9' drum with slurry tumblers
  • 3M Nomad carpet with ribbed undermat in multi-riffle oscillating sluice
  • 4 yard capacity hopper
  • flow controlled (variable speed) hydraulic outriggers, bifold discharge conveyor, 3' x 8' oscillating sluice (folding), trommel drum, grizzly tilt with cushion valve
  • 1/2" three ply industrial conveyor belts and HD rollers
  • water cooled oil cooler
  • hopper wings (both sides and front)
  • will easily accept jigs or a centrifical gold concentrator in addition
  • requires 30 - 35 gpm hydraulic power supply (i.e. Bobcat T250, sold separately)
  • requires 3" - 4" trash water pump, 250 - 360 gpm (sold separately)
  • 8.6' wide, 11'8" high, 22' deck length, weighs approx 16,500 lbs.

This is a high quality mobile gold concentrator plant for the truly serious high production placer miner.

Asking $89,900 (US)

CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of the "GOLD DIGGER 2030"

Phone: 1-604-798-7001


This is a 10 - 15 yard per hour trommel / wash plant / pilot test plant.

  • wet vibratory 68" x 96" hopper, with 1.5" grizzly
  • 10 to 15 yard per hour capacity (15 to 25 ton per hour)
  • 4 wheel driven 30" x 78.5" drum
  • 3/8" x 1/4" HD rolled punch plate screen
  • trommel drum scrubbers
  • 14" x 48" oscillating tri-stage sluice
  • requires only a 6,000 watt generator (sold separately)
  • Baldor industrial single phase 240V electric motors and speed reducers
  • requires 1.5" (88 gpm, 400 lpm) to 3" (266 gpm, 1208 lpm) water pump (sold separately)
  • skid mounted
  • mounted tool box
  • 114" long, 58" wide at skid, 68" wide at top of hopper, 92" high
  • weighs approx 4,100 lbs (1860 kg)

Custom options are also available. Has a very small, compact footprint.
Perfect size for a small or mini excavator.

Asking $49,900 (US)

Phone: 1-604-798-7001


NOTE: 3 of the 6 claims are now SOLD
(6) 40 Acre Unpatented Mining Claims on Glacier Creek near Wiseman Alaska. This is in the area known as the Potato Patch because of the large nuggets found throughout the area.

Location for these claims are as follows: Meridaian: F, Township: 031N, Range: 009 W, Sections: 27 and Section: 34

Price per claim: $ 10,000.00

NOTE: The claims posted below are now SOLD
(4) 40 Acre Unpatented Placer Mining Claims on Marion Creek, just North of Coldfoot Alaska. These claims have easy access and are the only state claims on Marion creek and are surrounded by working Federal Claims.

The location of these claims are as follows: Meridian: F, Township: 029N, Range: 012W, Sections: 24 and Section: 25.

Price per claim: $ 7,500.00 each

Contact: Dallas Montgomery with Missy Moose Mining P.O. Box 1232 Willow, Alaska 99688
Phone: 907-733-8320
email: or

Seeking passage to your Placer Claim

I have a brand new invention that re-invents the Gold placer deposit strategy! I want to try out my new invention on your High Yield Claim. Forget about royalties or monthly payment of a minimal nature! If your claim deposit is rich, I will either a) Negotiate a percentage deal with you, or B.) Negotiate a $ dollar value per week.

I have a revolutionary idea involving all the properties and physics that all the Placer miners have left out for the last 150 years. Even the technology today does not compare with the Gold recovering device I have invented. I can expect to recover 90% of all old placer claim deposits without environmental harm!! I have a background degree involving Physics, and geology.

If interested, you can contact me for a possible exploration of your claim, or contact me for investment potential.

CONTACT: Leighton Berry
Telephone: 1 204 297 2279
Manitoba, Canada

High Grade Silver Mineral Property

For Sale Or Option

Crown grants are included in this sale. Road access is within a ten minute walk of adit, rail and old cars are still in the mine. We didn't know the road was so close so we flew via helicopter this year and in the adit 122 feet my miners light hit the wall and the whole wall lit up silver. This property has assays of 294 ounces per ton with good access. Four units in size 85 hectres. In 1989 the middle adit was reconditioned, three adits in total vertically of each other.

100 % Buyout Price $150,000.00
pti Option Aggreement as follows

  • 1 st year $10,000.00 + stock
  • 2 nd year $15,000.00 + stock
  • 3 rd year 20,000.00 + stock
  • $250,000.00 buyout with 1.5 % N S R

Click here to BC Minfile for compiled information on this property.

Contact: Darrel Davis

Will consider trades of land or realestate in Canada or U.S.

Hardrock Claims near Wickenburg, Az.
For Lease Or Sale

Five adjoining 20 acre claims on BLM. AU is the main product with minor AG and minor CU. Two larger low grade copper veins intersect each other on the property with smaller associated gold veins. There are also 2 mineralized dikes in the area, each about 3 feet thick, and each having about 1/3 oz. per ton of free AU. One dike has a small hi-grade stringer on one wall. The gold veins vary from 1 foot to 3 feet in thickness, and vary from 1/4 to 1 1/4 ounce per ton in free AU. The AU is all small, mostly -100 mesh with ocasional 50 and 80 mesh.

The property is aproximately 8 miles NE of Wickenburg, 8N-3W sec. 30 , on the Morgan Butte 7.5 , and on the BLM Bradshaw Mts. map. Existing road to the site. Claims only with no permits or bond.

Contact Paul Childers
840 S. Saguaro Dr. Wickenburg, Az. 85390
E-mail is best way to reach me.

- Wanted. Money For Development -

Have found old channel on my claims. Need money for equipment. You get 50% of gold recovered and I will buy back equipment from you out of my 50%.

Please contact Placer Ridge Mines at E-MAIL

Joint Venture Opportunities In Guyana

We are an American company as well as a registered Guyanese company involved in current mining projects. Our claims are both registered and verified with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). Capital requirements will vary depending on structure of JV and commodity sought but will be utilized for additional equipment and operating expenses. Further details and discussions available to serious parties.

Roger Singh @ D.R.E.A.M. System, LLC
4817 S. Westshore Blvd
Tampa, FL 33611
Office: (319) GET-24KT

Claim Wanted In Alaska

Wanted: Federal Patented Gold Claim in AK Interior- prefer Taylor Hwy/ 40-mile area or anywhere between Delta Jct and Sourdough but will consider other areas. Short road system access preferred.
Email at

Partner Wanted In Cariboo Region

Looking for a partner holding a placer claim In Cariboo area with equipment . In exchange, prospector with high tech long range gold locators with capacity of up to hundred millions pounds, would perform field detection for fast recovery of the richest pockets on the claim. Can help save you time and money. Would consider 4% of recovery.
E-mail at

Contract Project Of Interest - YUKON

Looking for a company that would like to stake and do a testing (drilling) program on approx 60 to 100 miles of placer property. Rough estimation would be a two season project.

Email in confidence: Email

Gold Mining Claim In Idaho

Idaho gold claim for sale,20 acres in south eastern Idaho near Caribou Mt. good access on national forest land. $10,000.

Call 208-873-3777 Email

5'' Dredge with 3 Stage Sluice
2/6.5HP B&S 2/180 pumps & T-80 air compressor.
In stock at Fred's Gold Panning & Mining Supplies
Kelowna, BC
(250) 491-7836

Freds Gold Panning


Interested in a claim in the Clearwater area of BC.
Need access. 4 wheel drive access & some water. Not looking to get rich just a place to go to give the sluice some exercise.
Call or email: 780-865-1260

60 + Unpatented Mining Claims
Southern California Mother Lode
Kern County River Area

Individual sizes starting from 80 - 160 acres. Many larger blocks and tracks available. Excellent property for drywashing, high banking and dredging as well as several commerical properties available. The dredging is Class H (year around)Many seasonal creeks and hot springs. Excellent camping - fishing - hunting - white water rafting -4x4 or ATV access. Greenhorn, Bradshaw, Clear Creek, Havilah, Kern River mining districts. Gold - Silver - Platinum - Tungsten - Uranium
Other areas of Southern and Northen California - Arizona - Nevada areas also available.
Call or email for more info:
1-818-326-2823, 1-661-821-0073,

For Sale
Placer Lease & Two Claims Cunningham Creek
Palmers Bench 1876 [amos bowman map]
pll 372719 pc 366415 & pc 357536
2.5 km continious very rich pockets of gold have been found in the past longest held claim on Cunningham $25,000 offers ? 250-992-8568

For Sale
Minelab Extreme
Gold prospecting machine, this one is one of the later ones, just before the GP3000 came out, and works flawlessly, with a smooth threshold,automatic ground balance, comes with battery, 11" and 18" coils, auto and regular charger, koss headphones and deluxe carrying case, shipped prepaid--------------$1995.00
Contact Elvin

1) Tenure # 398996, 398997, 545356, 558304, 2 legace claims and 10 cells covering mouth of Morehead Creek and over 2 kms on Quesnel River over 200 ha. $20,000 trades concidered.
2) Tenure # 539851, 3 cells, over 1.5 km. on Quesnel River, offers.

(2) 40-acre Patented Federal Claims & (80) contiguous State Mining Claims near McGrath. Water rights, independent drill logs and production records available.

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