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Lost Cities Of Gold

It's hard to be a gold bug or grass roots mining stock buff and not have an interest in buried treasures or lost gold mines. I think that is what makes prospecting exciting. In a lot of cases it's not the treasure that you hope find but all the excitement that goes into the actual searching for the treasure. I tend to think that with the true prospector it's more the adventure than ....continue.

Is Now The Time For Juniors?

I get emails once in a while asking what stocks I recommend and while I don't recommend any stocks or equities, I will tell people what I am buying and why I am buying them if I'm asked. I've gotten some good insight from some readers ....continue.

Silver Miners To Watch In 2018

Welcome to 2018. Some analysts are saying that this year is the year for gold. But there are a few other market watchers who are saying forget gold and watch silver, or better yet, buy silver. Be it physical bullion, silver ETF's or silver mining stocks. There are guys out ther who are touting we will see $400+ silver price ....continue.

A Look At Lithium Stocks

Lithium is one of the lightest of all the metal elements known to man and it's being explored for the world over. Sith new lithium Ion battery technology some people say lithium will power the world and when it comes to things like laptops, tablets and other digital gadgets it definately is powering the world. Lithium compounds, also known as lithium salts, are primarily used as ....continue.

Real News About Fake Gold

Seems we live in a totally fake world now. Ever since Trump's tag line, "fake news," everything is turning up fake. I have always known about fake statistics, fake information, fake people and yes even fake bullion, but when a story about fake gold came out about a one ounce ingot that supposedly came from the Royal Canadian Mint as being fake, that was enough to raise an eyebrow. ....continue.

Gitennes Drilling At Snowbird

There are some junior mining companies that seem to never tire of exploring. While a lot of companies over the years have delisted or reinvented themselves into tech or pot, there are a few that stick to their roots and keep hunting for that next deposit that could become the next big find. I first became aware of Gitennes Exploration about 25 years ago when ....continue.

Here's Why Mexico Is The "Go To" Place

When it comes to investing in a junior mining company the one you thing can almost always be certain of is "uncertainty." Mining and especially exploration is and always has been a high risk business full of uncertainties. Those uncertainties and risks can range from everything from government politics to commodity prices and everything in between. From raising money to how that money is going to ....continue.

Only 20 Million Shares. Ready To Drill

There are thousands of junior mining companies listed on all the various markets today and each and everyone of these juniors is out there, somewhere on the planet trying to dig up the next big find. However if truth be told, most of these juniors will fail to find anything of any great value. Many of these small companies will end up broke and eventually will ..continue.

How To Profit With Cobalt

I've been reading bits of articles lately about a coming shortage of cobalt. Now I don't really know a whole lot about cobalt other than it's mined so I decided to to do a bit of investigating. There are a few things that I found out about doing some quick research and one is that cobalt mining ..continue.

3 Hot Plays Plus A Bonus

Lots of eyes are watching what's happening inside the Golden Triangle this summer. For any of those who are not aware of what's going on, all I can say is ... "man you are missing out on all the action." This summer has been hot not only in temperatures and forest fires in BC but some of the juniors..continue.

Is the World Running Out of Gold?

How much gold would you have if you had all the gold that's ever been mined? Not much. With all the gold ever mined you'd be able to make a cube of solid gold with 60-foot sides. There just isn't that much gold in the world, and it's getting harder and harder to find it. In fact, our love of electronic / digital devices maybe part of the...continue.

What's Happening In Northern BC

I get emails once in awhile from readers of the site asking what's happening in northern BC. Now of course since we had a sort of failed election where the government will be a minority type of government run by the NDP and helped along by the greens, there is even more questions asked as to how things will...continue.

Exploring For Gold In Guyana

Whenever someone thinks about mining in South America they usually start of by thinking about copper in Chile, gold in Peru, silver in Bolivia and lithium in Argentina. Looking deeper in the subject we start to see that there is gold in Ecuador and Columbia and industial metals of all types in Brazil. However very few ....continue.

Where To Go When The Banker Says No

Today we live in a world of easy credit. In fact the entire whole monetary system runs on credit. Easy money. Zero percent borrowing, (almost). You can get money for almost anything and you don't even need good credit either it seems. Borrow money for a million dollar shack, maybe a big fancy boat or how about ....continue.

The Land Of Eldorado

Back in the 1990's I was a shareholder in a small junior company and through this shareholder involvement I got to know the president, vice president and secretary treasure on a personal basis. One day I got a call from the president of this company and was asked if I would be interested in going to Guyana and ....continue.

Here's What's Happening In The Yukon

Gold mining in the Yukon has been on going for over 100 years. Ever since the Klondike Gold Rush, the territory has seen some kind of mining or exploration project. Even in years where when gold prices were down, placer operations would still be active during the short summer mining season. However, when it comes to large commerical mining operations there is ....continue.

Right Location, Right Timing, Right Commodities

There is an old saying in prospecting and mining circles that says, "the best place to find a new mine is beside and old mine" and there are lots of examples in different locations throughout the world that prove this theory. One place in particluar is the Abitibi gold belt that runs through Ontario and Quebec in Canada. This world famous gold belt is ....continue.

What's Happening With The GDXJ ?

Anyone who keeps an eye on the GDXJ will tell you that there has been a lot of selling going on lately in some of the etf's holdings. If you own shares in the etf itself it hasn't been really bad but for investors who own some of the particular stocks of the etf it's been a bit of down hill ride. With some stocks have dropping by as much as ....continue.

Still Lots Of Gold Here

There is an area of Canada known for gold. Lots of gold! In fact this area is one of the richest areas for gold on the planet and it's where some of the biggest names in mining got their start. This area is known as the Abitibi and even though mining has .... continue.

Is The Zinc Run Over With?

It seems that most people who are interested and follow the metals tend to follow gold and silver the most. So when we are following these two commodities we tend to loose track or maybe even ignore the other metals. When it comes to keeping an eye on base metals however most tend to focus or track the price of copper. The reasoning for copper being tracked and followed so close is that copper is like a barometer for the global economy. However... continue.

Mining Companies Seen as Winners After Trump Victory

A few months back I did a short article on whether Donald Trump would be good for the mining industry. My reasoning at the time was that so many politicians seem to side for the more liberal thinking and so called greenies and being as mining in general is sort of frowned on or hated to be exact, I concluded that Donald would...continue.

A Look At Gold Prices During Election Years

I read an article not long ago where it was mentioned that the reasoning for the price of gold to be in the $1200 range as it is right now was because we are in an election year.The author mentioned that gold always had a tendancy to suffer during election years. Being a bit curious I decided to check out a few elections to see if this was true. ....continue.

Getting The Gold In Quebec

I've been online writing about junior mining companies since 2007 and one of the things I've learned is that when doing due diligence on a junior mining stock, it always pays to dig deep into all the information that is available. Just like placer mining, you need to dig deep to reach bedrock in order to get the gold. Too many people when doing their due diligence will just ....continue.

Recycling The World's Mine Tailings

I was reading in an article not long ago that said there was almost two million tons of mine tailings produced everyday in Canada alone. If that is the case one has to to wonder just how many tons of tailings are produced everyday on a world wide basis? When you really start to think about this issue on a grand scale you could start by taking just one mine that runs through a thousand tons or raw material per day and then add that number to the amount of ....continue.

All Cashed Up & Ready To Drill In Mexico

Silver Spruce Resources is a very interesting company and is well worth anyones time to really go over some of the information they have on their website along with the presentations. If you are looking to get some investing dollars involved in a silver play that could have some tremendous upside, this could very well be the junior ....continue.

There Could Be 800K OZ Of Gold Here

For anyone who comes to the junior miners website here often knows very well that I not only write and research about small junior companies, but I also placer gold mine in British Columbia myself. So whenever I come across a junior mining company that is in the process of starting a placer mining operation my ....continue.

Will This Junior Become The Next Roxgold?

I don't have to tell you how much I like writing about juniors that are working in Nevada. All you need to do is head over to my blog on the Mining Stock Talk page, scroll down the list of articles and you will see that I've done quite a few write ups on Nevada players. One of the reasons for following these Nevada juniors of course is ....continue.

Central Banks Print Money To Buy Gold Mining Shares

Quite a bit of chatter on a lot of different news and gold sites about how two Central banks, the Norwegian Central bank and the Swiss Central bank just printed billions of dollars and then turned around and bought gold mining shares right away. In a world where zero percent interest rates are becoming the norm, there is....continue.

Going For Gold In Alaska

Alaska. It's a vast state with few people and lots of wild remote wilderness. It's known as the last frontier. A land rich in resources of both oil and minerals both precious and base. Its an explorers and prospectors paradise where dreams are made and many even come true. And when it comes to gold, Alaska really is that pot at the end of the rainbow. Absolute fortunes have been made in the goldfields of Alaska and....continue.

The Silent Rise Of Palladium

When it comes to precious metals, most of us think gold and silver. After all those two metals are the most common and almost everyone on the planet has heard of or seen both metals mostly because of jewelry and maybe old coins etc. But there is two other metals that are part of the precious metal family and those are palladium and platinum and....continue.

Hunting For Gold In Burkino Faso

As a continent, Africa, known as the dark continent, has been blessed with resources beyond belief. Whether it's oil in Lybia or Nigeria, South Africa rich with gold and diamonds along with other minerals, Africa is a country to be explored. In fact the city of Johanseburg is known as being a city built on gold. One of the....continue.

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