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Ridgeway Mining Claim

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The Ridgeway Mine is regarded largely as a silver and lead mine. This is likely due to the content of the waste dumps protruding from the property. This is not at all accurate and this assertion is verified by assay results.

The waste dumps contain calcite and quartz with cerrusite (horn silver), galena (silver/lead), chalcopyrite and pyrite. There are two primary dumps on the site. The second, and smaller dump, has not been included in any valuations, but assays were taken and are shown below.

There have been assays reported from the waste dump of the primary site by both the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) and Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc.. These assays reported considerable gold content in the discarded muck. An average value of .406 oz/T in Gold. Silver was also reported in some quantity, however due to the difficulty in processing silver, it has not been largely weighed as a valuation of the property.

The mine is reached by a good dirt road that is part of the current Forest Service roads maps(2018). This road is passable by most any full size truck, but is susceptible to tree fall and will need to be cleared annually.

There is a well cared for miners cabin on the claim, accompanied by a tidy outhouse. These outbuildings are not a part of the mining claim but could be utilized for shelter and seasonal housing with a property written and executed Notice of Operation.

This camp is in a clearing with a running stream. This stream appears to run year round and flows at roughly 3-5 GPM. This stream could also be utilized for mining operations with a proper Notice of Operation.

The primary mine operations are positioned west of the mining camp. The primary portal can be reached with a full size 4WD, however the trail beyond the main mine portal is narrow and suited only to UTV or motorcycles.

A well built portal with commercial size air and water lines indicate the portal has been rehabilitated within the past 50 years. There is a poorly executed attempt at reclamation in where an unknonw party or persons used some sort of explosive to close the front on the mine. This section will need to be removed and dug out before access to the workings is attained. The workings are estimated, based on the size of the waste dump, to be at least 2500 in drift work accounting for at least 1000 cubic feet of stoping inside the mine. This is unverified and is likely considerably more.

The portal can be cleared and gated with a Notice of Intent to conduct exploration activities.

An old mining road leads in a north easterly direction up the ridge to another set of much older workings with remnants of a cabin and a load out. This was also an adit entrance which leads to further validation of the vein trends running in an E-W direction.

The estimated content of gold in the waste dump of the primary portal is 17,052 ounces, at 2019 gold pricing of $1350 per ounce, there is just over $23,000,000.00 in gold to be recovered from the waste dump alone. This does not account for any actual mining of the more valuable ores and deposits underground.

Asking Price: $17,000

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Use code JRM1003 for a 10% discount.
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