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Large Turn Key Yukon Placer Mine For Sale


About the Ground

There are lots of ways as to how to go about sluicing over the next few years. One way would be to place the sluice plant below the canyon where there are large volumes of earth (including looking at the benches). The grade of gold that I was getting in the canyon will be much higher, but by moving below the volume moved is where you will do well. In my opinion, there is so much dirt down below that it would take several years to sluice it all. The ground below was quickly tested in 2005 by Gary Crawford and he averaged $5.00/cubic yard when Gold was worth <$500/ounce. He dug on the wrong side and did not even reach bedrock. He pulled a 1 ounce nugget in the surface gravels on his way down. Right where the canyon opens up two claims were mine by Harry Frome (GE). He never recorded his gold, but it is said that he pulled 600 ounces one summer with very limited equipment and a crude sluice box. That is about the extent of what I know about my claims below the canyon. 15 claims Approx.

In the Canyon, I could put you on some >$40/yard ground right away at today’s prices. It is difficult dealing with the big rock but the gold is coarse and beautiful. I know the canyon fairly well. 15 Claims Approx.

Above the canyon a couple of people have mined over the years. They were small operations in the early 80’s and were eventually flooded out in 1988 (big floods in southern Yukon that year). They were operations that seemed to make a decent living as they were there for several years. However very little was mined as they all had small equipment. Over the two claims right at the entrance to the canyon there is a very large hole (1000’ x 1000’ approx). Take this with a grain of salt, but it is said to be a “glory hole”. It is at least 50’ deep. Back several thousand years ago the water must have been swirling prior to entering the canyon. Theoretically anything heavy would have been deposited there. One American father and sons attempted to get to the bottom of this hole in the early 1990’s for 2 or 3 seasons. Large equipment was used, however they never really got their act together because of family feuds, and eventually gave up. On their way down the pulled several large nuggets including an 8 ounce nugget. That is one area that still gets my curiosity going. If a person were to attempt this hole they would need to pipe the creek above it and then have a pump or two dealing with the ground water. I was told that these claims were sold for $70,000 US to this American family. The upper claims above the canyon have a lot of gravels including bench gravels. The rock is much smaller than the canyon itself making this a great area for large volume mining. 12 claims approx.

Some Statistics

The creek was discovered in 1904 (several miners were on it at that time) – I have found a dime in my sluice box dated 1901.

  • Average Gold Purity – 87%
  • Largest nugget that I have found – 4.2 ounce (132 grams) – broken into a few pieces
  • Average gold size in the Canyon – 1 gram
  • Nugget value – 2 to 3 times current value in weight (based on character)
  • 3 types of gold (different sources)

Quick Equipment List

  • 1981 Fiat Allis HD 31 Dozer with ripper – 72 ton (usually not included with the sale)
  • 1981 Hitachi UH 172 Excavator – 42 Ton
  • 1971 988A Caterpillar Loader – 30 Ton
  • 1987 Case 125B Excavator – 25 ton
  • 1979 International 1800 Gal Fuel Truck
  • 8x6” High Pressure water pump – 453 Detroit diesel
  • 5x10’ custom double screen deck with 2’ jigs – 12 HP Honda
  • 1979 Ford 3 Ton Flat deck
  • Tool Bus (tools included) – no engine
  • Parts Bus – no engine and no wheels
  • 1970 Ford Flat deck with 250 Amp Hobart welder and torches
  • 6500 watt diesel generator
  • Several small 2 & 3 pumps
  • Various registered above ground fuel storage tanks – 500 Gal on wheels (Pintle Hitch)
  • Clean-up equipment – gold wheels, long toms, pro-pulse clean-up jig
  • Camp – 6 buildings
  • 36 Claims

Licence and Permits

The water licence has expired, but I am half way through the next application. I would be able to finish it off in a couple of evenings. The in-stream settling ponds are in place. There is a lot of value in this as you do not have to construct any.

Reason for Selling

The reason that I am not still mining this ground is that I have 6 children now. I had to change my life style from being away all the time to having a business right here at home. At today’s prices I sure do wish I was out at the mine though. I have finally come to terms that I should be selling the mine as it is no good for it to just sit, and I could use with the extra money.

Selling Price

You wanted for me to let you know what I wanted up front for the mine. Well, I guess there are several ways of going about it. I am a motivated seller given the economic times and the fact that I have to concentrate so much on my aircraft. I want $230,000.00 for the complete mine, and an additional $40,000.00 for the Fiat Allis dozer (because I had other plans for it). If you were to make me an offer with cash, you might be surprised how much lower I would go. If you wanted to do it with a deposit and then pay in Gold over the next couple of years, I would then require 70% up front, and then two annual payments in Gold (in late summer when you have it).

Contact: Marcel Dulac
Phone: (867) 634-5275 cell
Fax: (867) 634-2034

988 Cat Loader

Arch Creek Camp

Lower Claims

Lower Claims

Clean-up Jigs

Instream Settling Facilities - dug down - very strong

Armoured Diversion Channel

Middle Claims

Reclaimed - Post mining - In the Canyon

Mining Set-up - Pickup trucks

Sluice Plant Set Up

Hitachi UH 172 - 42 Ton

Case 125B Excavator - 25 Ton

High Pressure Pump - 8x6 inch - 453 Detroit

Fuel Truck


Arch Creek Camp

Vibrating Hopper and Screen Deck

2 Foot Wide Water Jigs

Boil Boxes - 2 inch Nugget Catchers

4 x 8 - Screen Deck

Contact: Marcel Dulac
Phone: (867) 634-5275 cell
Fax: (867) 634-2034

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