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A Look At Radius Gold

There is a saying when investing in the stock market and that is, "The trend is your friend." This generally means that if the stock is trending up on a consistent basis, that is a good trend as that same trending stock price could very well continue upward. This same saying could be very well be applied to Radius Gold TSX-V:RDU also because of the results that are....continue.

Secova Metals

Secova Metals is an extremely exciting near-term gold producer in the province of Quebec, Canada which is currently trading at a ridiculously low valuation. Secova Metal's is a Canadian environmentally aware resource exploration and processing company. One of its business trategies is acquiring old abandoned mining sites that have historical tailings which can be....continue.

Finally. A Rally In Metals

This past few weeks has seen a nice rally in gold and other precious metals. Unfortunately it takes a crisis or a war to get gold to become that safe haven it's known for. However this time around we see all commodities across the board on the rise. Metals, energy, agriculture, you name it, it's heading up and ....continue.

Top Three Gold Miners For 2022

Lots of metal watchers and gold bugs in general are calling for $2000 plus gold in 2022. Whether that will happen or not has yet to be seen, but with all the problems going on in the world these days it's actually shocking to see that gold has not responded in a postive upward rally. Having said that we're going to take a look at ....continue.

Top Three Silver Miners For 2022

2022 is just around the corner and with tax loss selling in Canada, investors and traders will be wondering what sectors will be in the money next year. One of the commodities that a lot of metal watchers and analysts these days are talking about is silver. One reason is that silver is the most undervalued commodity and according to many it is also the most suppressed commodity. Looking forward there is going to be huge demand for silver for....continue.

An Extremely Undervalued Gold Stock

I'm always on the look out for undervalued mining plays and over the years I've come up with a few juniors that were going along totally unnoticed by the general public. After doing a little bit of due diligence and maybe even a call to the company to get an updated story, some of these small undervalued juniors paid off well. Other times a subscriber will email me pointing out a stock that they think is undervalued too. In fact there are....continue.

Three Copper Stocks To Watch

Copper has been in a real copper bull market this year with prices hitting just shy of $5.00 per pound. That is the highest price in over a decade and by the looks of things, it has the potential to go a lot higher yet. I was reading somewhere, I can't remember where exactly, but there are some analysts calling for another ....continue.

World's First Carbon Negative Gold Royalty

One of the biggest issues in the news these days besides covid is the environment and climate change. About a decade or so ago it was a global warming crisis which in turn changed to just climate change which led to words like CO2, Carbon emmisions, carbon neutral, carbon credits, the green new deal and the list goes on. So what....continue.

Lithium Buyouts

Lots of news lately in the lithium space these days. A lot has to do with of course batteries and especially batteries for electric cars and right now there is very limited supply of lithium out there. Yes there is exploration projects going on all over the world but for actual supply right now there is a huge deficit. Lots of the supply issues are ....continue.

Uranium Royalty

Investing in a uranium juniors is just like investing any other junior mining company as it carries a certain degree of risk. If the company hits the jack pot the risk is small. If their exploration plans fail, the risk can be huge. So much ....continue.

Saskatchewan Uranium

One of the hottest uranium areas on the planet is in northern Saskatchewan. Pretty much anyone who is exploring, mining or has anything to do with uranium has a an interest of some kind in this area. Pretty much all the major players in uranium have fullscale mines here. Northern Saskatchewan covers a massive area of land so it a ....continue.

Uranium Is HOT

The past couple of weeks have been hot for uranium and uranium stocks. With the price of uranium hitting $45 per lb. you have to go all the way back to 2012 to fetch that sort of price. Prices still have a long way to go to reach the high of $140 per lb. back in 2007, however a close 50% jump in prices in the past few weeks might be a sign of ....continue.

Investing In Battery Metals

Battery metals like lithium and cobalt as well as graphite and vanadium are vital to the lithium-ion batteries used to power electric autos, with need expected to increase in the coming years. As the green power revolution continues to unfold, car makers are becoming more concerned with the requirement to protect these raw materials in order to complete ....continue.

Another Newfoundland Junior

This summer has been a real boring summer for junior gold stocks compared to last year. Last year with most of the world locked down, gold was flying high and there was quite a bit of excitement in the juniors. Lots of juniors saw their stock prices double, triple and there were some that even saw 10 bagger returns. This season though it's quite a bit different and is actually very boring. During times like this it seems interest wanes and stocks sell off on ....continue.

A Pure Silver Nevada Play

Right now at this time most eye balls are looking at Newfoundland and watching as how activity unfolds out that way. You got the big TSX-V:NFG Newfound Gold story going on plus a bunch of others that are right in the same area all drilling away and dishing out the news that investors like to hear. However there is another area that is totally under the radar to a lot investors at this time and ....continue.

Newfoundland Juniors

Every year and every season some junior mining company hits it big. Whether it be a super high grade drill core or a new discovery there is always some company that makes the news in the junior sector. While in the past it seemed a lot of the action was in around the BC Golden Triangle area with companies like Skeena Resources or Benchmark Metals getting investor attention, this year it's ....continue.

Suppression Of Metals

This first quarter of this year 2021 is the worst quarter in 39 years for the precious metals. Gold saw it's price dumped 10%, almost $200 and even more for silver as it fell a healthy 20% plus. All of this has taken place at a time when the global economy has shrunk a bit over 5%, the entire planet is in the middle of....continue.

New Silver IPO

I mentioned in my my last article that there are very few pure silver plays out there. What's even fewer it seems is new IPO's for junior miners especially those that are focused on silver. But just last month that happened with a new company called Zacatecas Silver TSX-V:ZAC and their focus is of course in the Zacatecas area of Mexico. The property the company owns totals 7826 hectares located within the Fresnillo Silver Belt, which has produced over 6.2 billion....continue.

An Almost Pure Silver Play

Well just like Gamestop and the Wallstreet Bets crowds beat a few hedge funds at their own game, the same Reddit mob and traders took on silver. That week they rallied some of the major silver producers like First Majestic TSX-FR and then started making a run on the metal itself. This rings music to the ears of both silver and gold bugs alike because silver being ....continue.

Lithium. The New Gold Rush.

After seeing the performance of most mining stocks lately one can understand why a lot of long term investors have been throwing in the towel and taking their money elsewhere. I wrote in the past article here that a lot of old gold bug money held in family trusts was being taken out and going into the digital space of crypto currencies like ....continue.

Silver Short Squeeze?

Is there a silver short sqeeze coming? One has to really wonder after what happened the other day with some of the big silver mining companies. It's no secret that in the investment world that hedge funds along with the Comex have taken advantage of suppressing the price of silver along with the constant short and even naked short selling of some of the major silver miners. This is all happening at the same time that....continue.

Is Gold Still A Safe Haven?

Between Christmas and New Years it really looked good for the metals. I thought we would be in full tilt rally mode the first of the year. With all what's happening in the USA in regards to politics or shall I say the "uncertainty" of politics, you would really think gold would be sky high way over that $2,000 price that so many were predicting. But not so. Last week it after a slight decline the price got ....continue.

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