Some Testimonials From Some Happy Customers

Junior Miners has been online since 2007 and we have been listing mining properties and mining equipment in our classified section ever since we started out. There are other websites out there that also offer people like you the opportunity to list their claims for sale but there are few that can compare to our service, our prices and our first pages search engine ranking. Our goal is to become the number one site on the net for mining claims and mining equipment classified ads.

With upwards of 15,000 mining interested visitors each month and growing, we are seeing more and more listings and sales each month. These sales translate into happy customers who write back to say just to say thanks and or to just stay in touch. Read down the page and see for yourself whether this is the place to list your mining claims.

The most recent compliment came from the owner of the Lucky Buck Gold Mines. He wrote:
Hello Gregg , Great news , I have sold the Lucky Buck placer property and I would like to thank you for your help in doing so. I had a great response to my ad and actually wound up with four parties all vying to buy the property. The ad looked great and did exactly what I had hoped it would do. Thanks again and you can place a sold banner across my ad. I will definitely use your service again.
Ernie Speta
Lucky Buck Gold Mines
This fine property sold in about 40 days with 4 interested parties all vying to get it!

One advertiser wrote back saying:
"Just wanted to let you know that both advertised claims have been sold and payment in full has been received. Thanks so much for your assistance." Sincerely, William Kilgore

Another seller who saw a claim of his sell wrote in saying:
"I like your site, very well organized, not cluttered. I had an ad with you for a Willow River placer claim."
This customer then listed more some additional property here.

Still another customer who had a trommel listed wrote back saying:
Hey guys I've sold the trommel that was listed on your site, thank-you very much, and I was just wondering if you could remove the ad. I wish I had more to sell, getting lots of interest lately. Thanks again.

A placer miner from the Yukon who had over 35 claims to sell wrote back saying:
Thank you for advertising my gold placer mine on your site. My dollars went a very long way with you. I had 60-70 people who were interested in the Mine. I now am about to receive a deposit for the mine. Could you please put a big fancy banner across it stating "Sale Pending". In about 1 month from now after a proper test, I will come back to you with or with out a sale to update you.

Once again, thank you very much!

I have one other piece of ground that I need to prove up and then will come to you again for advertising.

Marcel Dulac
The above customer purchased one of our large full page ads and got 60-70 interested people.

A placer miner who listed some claims in the Mt. Nansen area of Yukon with us wrote in saying:
Gregg --- Thanks for helping me sell my placer mining claims. The sale and transfer of the claims is complete. If you would be so kind as to mark the claims as "SOLD," it would avoid having your readers try to contact me unnecessarily. You may mark me down as another satisfied customer of your online Junior Miners' classified ad service.
John Bush
The above claims in MT. Nansen were listed on March 3 2011 and the sold sign went up on March 25 2011.

A claim in the BC interior that we listed sold in short order. The claim vendor wrote back saying,
"Gold claim is sold!! Thanks Gregg." Andrew

Another claim we had listed had the owner wite back saying:
"I just sold my Oregon Gulch/ Chisholm Creek claim. Thanks for listing it, I had a lot of interest off your site."

A couple who are selling claims in the Dawson area wrote in saying, We are very happy with the response we have had from this web site. We get half a dozen calls and emails a week from people interested in mining for gold. Both on a large and small scale. Thank you Junior Miners. Dave and Barb Trainer.

We had the privilege of listing an ad for a map dowser. After listing their ad for some time they wrote back saying: I posted an ad in your website and I would like to cancel my ad because I had a lot of success with it and I am now too busy because I am working with a mining company so please thank you for your service ,I will not hesitate to use again or refer others to your website. Rene

So if you have any mining claims or mining equipment and need to get it sold, you will want to list it here. Simple ad with two (2) photos are only $50 BUCKS and stay listed until you sell, so you really have nothing to loose.
Just EMAIL US with a brief description and we will get it posted right away.

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