Australian Companies Starting With "D & E"

Daguilar Gold Ltd (ASX: DGR)
Australian gold exploration company. Molybdenum Andurambah (SE Queensland) Solomon Islands gold project.

De Grey Mining Ltd (ASX: DEG)
Precious and base metals exploration company.

Deep Yellow Limited (ASX: DYL)
Uranium explorer with advanced projects in Australia and Namibia.

Diamonex Limited Ordinary (ASX: DON)
Portfolio of diamond exploration properties.

Dioro Exploration NL (ASX: DIO)
Gold explorer and miner in Australia.

Discovery Nickel Limited Ordinary (ASX: DNL)
Explorer for nickel and copper deposits in Australia.

Dominion Mining Ltd (ASX: DOM)
Australian gold producer and explorer.

Dragon Mining NL (ASX: DRA)
Svartliden Gold Mine in northern Sweden and has a portfolio of gold and precious metal projects in Sweden, FinLand, Spain and Russia.

Drake Resources (ASX: DRK)
Mineral exploration projects within New South Wales and Western Australia.

Durban Roodepoort Deep, Ltd (ASX: DRD)
Gold mining company based in South Africa. Listed on the ASX

Dwyka Resources Limited (DWY.AX)
Exploration for nickel and gold, in Burundi and Swaziland

Dynasty Metals Pty Ltd (ASX: DMA)
Exploration projectsin Australia and Botswana.

Australian Companies Starting With "E"

Eastern Corporation Ltd (ASX: ECU)
Mining coal in the Bowen Basin and New Zealand and coal seam methane (CSM) in the Galilee Basin.

Echelon Resources Ltd (ASX: ECH)
Gold and base metal exploration projects held in Queensland.

Eldore Mining Corporation Ltd (ASX: EDM)
Exploring the Nalesbitan Gold Project in the Municipality of Labo, Province of Camarines Norte, Philippines.

Elkedra Diamonds NL (ASX: EDN)
Diamond explorer with developing production Brazil and the Altjawarra Craton in Australia.

Ellendale Resources NL (ASX: ELL)
Diamond exploration company

Emperor Mines Ltd (ASX: EMP)
Owns and operates the Emperor Gold Mine at Vatukoula, Fiji

Energy Metals Limited (ASX: EME)
Uranium exploration company.

Equatorial Mining Limited (ASX: EQM)
Production of copper and exploration for minerals in Chile.

Equigold NL (ASX: EQI)
Exploration, development and mining of gold in Australia and West Africa.

Equinox Minerals Limited (ASX: EQN)
Copper mining and exploration in the Zambian Copperbelt region. Also uranium in Zambia

Eureka Mines Ltd (ASX: EKA)
Base metals exploration interest in the Northern Territory of Australia

Eurogold (ASX: EUG)
Gold and silver in Romania and the Ukraine.

Excel Coal Ltd (ASX: EXL)
Coal company based in Sydney, Australia

Exco Resources NL (ASX: EXS)
Copper and gold in Australia.

Extract Resources Limited (ASX: EXT)
Uranium projects in both Australia and Namibia.

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