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Undervalued Silver Miner

Over the last few months it seems that I have been noticing a lot more articles, videos and write ups about a coming silver boom. Maybe I watch to many conspiracy videos but either way you look at it, silver is one of the most undervalued commodities on ....continue.

Gitennes Drilling At Snowbird

There are some junior mining companies that seem to never tire of exploring. While a lot of companies over the years have delisted or reinvented themselves into tech or pot, there are a few that stick to their roots and keep hunting for that next deposit that could become the next big find. I first became aware of Gitennes Exploration about 25 years ago when ....continue.

Mine Ready In Guyana

During the long grinding bear market phase for the junior exploration sector many companies were forced to give up on projects that held great potential. These projects are now being recycled into new ventures that are better positioned to carry the ball. Gold has been showing more vigor of late and recently achieved a new yearly high above $1300. This could ...continue.

Building A Mineral Bank

Most junior mining companies spend their entire existence on searching for the perfect chunck of property that will deliver a deposit of some kind. Once that property is found the company will go to investors and public markets to raise money to explore and drill and eventually prove up that property so that the property could be optioned or joint ventured or maybe ...continue.

130 Million Ounces Of Silver.

In one of my last articles which is posted below on this page, I talked about Golden Goliath Resources and their silver projects in the Ureuachic mining district in Chihuahua State, Mexico. I choose to talk about this company because I have followed their efforts in exploration over the years and because of the location of their work which is mining friendly Mexico. Today I am going to talk about another ...continue.

From Explorer To Miner In Burkino Faso

Today we're going to take a look at a junior mining company that is not only exploring for gold but it is actually mining gold also. There is also a two fold reason why I'm doing this write up because this one company also has information about what could very well happen to another company that we are featuring. The company we'll be looking at today is ...continue.

A Mexican Silver Explorer Worth Looking At

If you like silver plays that have good potential, especially those that are working in Mexico, then here is a junior worth taking a close look at. I'm talking about Golden Goliath Resources and their silver projects in the Ureuachic mining district in...continue.

Looking For Lithium Down Under In Australia

Most of the stocks that I write about are Canadian junior mining stocks. One of the reasons why is because about 80% or more the junior mining companies are Canadian based and are listed on the Canadian exchanges. There are some junior mining companies that are listed on the Canadian exchanges but are based outside of the country. Today we're going to take a brief look at one such company. This company is an Australian ...continue.

Going For Gold In BC's Golden Triangle

British Columbia Canada is a land of rich resources and history. From logging to mining, this province earns it's keep from the land. Although lumber and timber products where almost the mainstay of the economy, mining and natural gas plays a huge roll in the economy also. With commodities making a comeback a lot of juniors are out on the hunt looking for that one of kind ...continue.

Exploring Quebec With Visible Gold

When it comes to exploring or mining in Canada, the province of Quebec is known as being probably the most mining friendly of them all. It's a province that has a wide variety of resources and seem to be do well exploring and developing them. Some of the largest mining companies in the world have worked in Quebec and with gold prices ...continue.

Reviving An Old Gold Rush Property

Being as I live within the world renown historic gold camp of Atlin BC, I thought it best to maybe do an article on a junior miner that will be doing some exploration work in the area this year. There are not many junior miners that work here as most of the area here is active placer mining and most placer mining operations are either family owned or private companies. There has been some junior miners however in the past like...continue.

In The Abitibi Greenstone Belt Exploring For Gold

Quebec has a long history of gold and gold mining. Countless numbers of mining companies have or had mines in Quebec and many more companies have explored the province. A lot of the major mining companies in the world today got their start in Quebec and a lot of the reason is the Abitibi Greenstone Belt. Today we'll take a look at a junior that...continue.

A Different Approach To Exploring For Gold

This is the fourth junior mining company I've looked at here that is working on developing and exploring mining properties in Nevada. I did write ups on another three juniors that are in the gold exploration business in Nevada that have interesting projects on the go in that state. One of the reasons why I'm researching projects in Nevada is that I am trying to focus on mining friendly areas for present or future investments. Investing in ...continue.

Rye Patch Gold In Nevada.

I get this mining stock news letter that comes out every month or so. It's one of those letters you scan over quick to see if there is anything new highlighted. Like a lot of news letters it had it's series of stock picks and the story that goes with it. Most of the stocks on the letter were of no interest to me but once in awhile there would something of interest and I would take a quick peek at a stock chart to see how it's performance had been ...continue.

Pilot Gold. A Gold Explorer In Mining Friendly Nevada.

I wrote an article a while back talking about investing in mining friendly jursidictions and why as an investor you need to be aware of the less friendly places. Basically the gist of the article was that looking to invest in companies that have projects in "mining friendly" places is a good place to start. Mining is high risk and the last thing investors need is government policies that are skewed against the mining company. This is one of the reason why I like to look at ...continue.

20 Cents. Shovel Ready In The Yukon. Victoria Gold

It's February 2016 and gold prices seem to be making a turn around. In fact the price of gold is up well over $100 per ounce since the start of the new year. This rise in price brings on gold fever to not only the gold bugs but it also brings a lift to those who are looking for something to invest in. After all mining stocks have always been the "get rich" plays as gold bring seems to bring out the getting rich more than ...continue.

A Junior Exploring For Gold In Quebec

The province of Quebec has a long history of mining and exploration. Some of the biggest names in mining either got a start in Quebec or at least had some involvement within the province. The city of Val-d'Or got it's start when gold was discovered in the area in 1923. In fact the name of the town is French for "Valley of Gold." The ore is usually found in volcanic rocks that were deposited on the sea floor over 2.7 billion years ago. They are referred to as ...continue.

Canada. There's Gold Found Here

Most junior mining companies in the world are located in Canada. In fact some of the largest miners are Canadian companies. Companies like Barrick Gold, Teck, Eldorado, which are known the world over got started right here in Canada. One of the reasons is because Canada itself is the largest country in the world by land mass and is stuffed full of resources. From coast to coast you will find resources play a big roll in the country. Whether it be mining and minerals, oil and gas, pulp and timber, Canada has it all. So it should come as no surprise that ... continue.

Exploring For Gold In Nevada With Gold Standard Ventures

Nevada has long been known as a pro mining state. Going back into the 1800's Nevada was the place to be. Known today as the silver state, Nevada had is share of booms and busts. Although it was silver that was mined mostly back then during it's wild west days, there was gold being mined also. Nevada is home to the Carlin Trend, North America's most prolific gold-producing area and the second-largest known gold resource in the world. Numerous sources estimate the amount of gold contained in the trend may contain up to 180 million ounces of gold. It's in this resource that we ... continue.

New Year. New Stock Picks

First off, happy new year to everyone. I always like to make new years resolutions even if I never follow through with them. It is a way of giving me some kind of goal to look forward to or at least try. One of the goals which of course happens every year is trying to find the next 10 bagger in stocks. Scanning over all the available information at the time and trying to look ahead through the year of all the things that could happen, then applying that information to a handful of stocks and ... continue.

Year End Wrap Up

This will be my last write up for the year here. Being as I like to look for those undervalued juniors that will give me the best return for dollar invested, I would like to take a quick look at some of the junior miners that we talked about and see how they have performed throughout the year. Some of them have done quite well as you will see, while others have not.

Back in February we talked about Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. PGD. At that time of writing the stock was at 19 cents. By the end of april the stock hit a high of 38 cents. That was a 100% ... continue.

Evaluating A Junior. The More Pluses, The Better

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that mining and metals markets have been in a funk for the last 3-4 years. Ever since gold topped out it's been pretty much a downhill slide. As this year comes to an end one can see from various charts that the bulk of active players in the gold mining plays have been stagnant and trading has been mostly sideways with low trading volumes. This sideways trading for the most part has seen stock prices at ...continue.

The Worlds Most Hated Commodity - Uranium

It seems that almost everyone the world over hates mining. There seems to be no one other than miners who have anything good to say about any kind of mining. But hey, all these NIMBYS and eco types all love to drive their sport utility, drink their starbucks and somehow they all embrace technology, which by the way is very resource intensive. So whether it be gold mining, silver mining or even dirty old ...continue.

Take A Look At This Silver Explorer

It is well mentioned throughout mining circles that the best place to look for a potential mine is somewhere close to where a mine has already exists. Todays we look at a small junior miner that is doing just that. Silver Spruce Resources SSE has been exploring for gold and silver at the Pino de Plata Project in the Sierra Madre Occidental silver-gold belt of Mexico. Their property lies in the southwest corner of the ...continue.

An African Miner Riding High On Gold

You can look at almost any metal miners chart and see the same thing over and over again. Stock price stuck at the 52 week low mark or just skidding sideways with lack of trading volume and in so many cases, a lack of NO NEWS. However there are a few miners out there that are bucking that trend. Today we take a quick look at a miner that although their stock price is way down from previous years, the price today is riding high. In 2007 the ... continue.

Golden Dawn Minerals - Gold Is where You Find It

It's been said time and time again, that the best place to find a mine is where there already is a mine. These days with newer technology exploring old mines for new ore is a great way to eleminate a lot of risk and conserve a lot of money. With juniors all over today trying to just stay afloat, raising extra capital is probably one of the hardest parts of the job.

So when it comes to looking for juniors with a good upside potential we like to look at ones that have properties that are located in old mine areas that have a rich history and most of all has some of the infastructure already in place. Old hard rock mines with a good history sometimes .... continue.

BitGold. A Look At An Alternative To A Mining Stock

As a pro mining person I like to follow and write about mining plays as much as possible. However I do stray off once in a while when something catches my attention. Because I watch for new issues and IPO's as much as possible, I noticed a few month back a small Venture company that had just been listed. Although not a mining company, they are involved in gold and in a big way also. The company I am talking about is Bit Gold XAU. Bit Gold is not a goldminer but it is a gold company that is firm in it's beliefs about gold as money. It is a company that...continue.

Exploring The Far North At Back River

Most junior mining companies are doing the best they can just to stay alive these day. A lot of them have little in the way of valued or proved up properties while others have found properties of merrit and are well on their way to become mid tier producers. Today we are going to take a quick look at one of those such companies. Sabina Gold & Silver SBB is a junior that owns a huge gold find in the high arctic of Canada. The 100%-owned Back River Gold Project, a series .... continue.

Investing In Base Metals? Think Zinc

There has been a lot of chatter lately about the copper and zinc prices. The price of zinc isn't too far off from it's 5 year high. There is some talk about shortages in warehouse stocks of both zinc and copper also. So one would think that the rise in the commodity price will one day have an effect on the stock price of zinc miners. Today we're going to take a look at a zinc miner that already has a mine and is continuing to drill out more resources....continue.

Something Different. A Mining Junior Looking For Lithium

If you are like me and getting really fed up and disgruntled about the junior mining sector, your not alone. It seems almost every junior is either running out of money, their stock prices are in the toilet, investors just don't want to hear the word junior anymore and you've lost a whack of money in the market. Well that's what happening over in the metals side of things. Uranium stocks and diamond stocks are doing quite well and there seems to be some interest in them. Another sector that is ....continue.

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