Junior Companies Starting With "C"

CMC Metals (TSX-V: CMB)
Silver in Yukon.

CMQ Resources (TSX-V: CMQ)
Gold in Nevada.

Cadiscor Resources Inc. (TSX-V: CAO)
Gold and base metals in Quebec.

Caldera Resources (TSX-V: CDR)
Diamonds in Australia.

Canaco Resources (TSX-V: CAN)
Precious metals explorer world wide.

Canadian Arrow Mines (TSX-V: CRO)
Explore and develop nickel sulphide deposits in North America

Canadian Silver Hunter Inc (TSX-V: AGH AGH)
Exploration of silver-cobalt deposits on its flagship South Lorrain Project.

Canadian Royalties (TSX-V: CZZ)
Nickel-Copper-PGE mining and milling operation. Northern Quebec.

Canadian Zinc (TSX-V: CZN)
Zinc. 100% owned Prairie Creek mine. NWT.

Canadian Zeolite Co. (TSX-V: CNZ )
Aquiring mineral properties.

CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. (TSX-V: CVV)
Uranium explorer Canada.

Canarc Resource Corp. (TSX: CCM)
Properties are in Central and Northern BC and in the Yukon.

Canasil Resources (TSX-V: CLZ)
Gold, silver, copper, zinc and lead) exploration projects in BC and Mexico.

Cancor Mines (TSX: KCR)
Metals in Quebec.

Candente Resource Corp. (TSX-V: DNT)
Gold in Peru.

Candorado Operating Co. (TSX-V: CDO)
Gold explorer in BC.

Canyon Copper Corp (TSX-V: CNC) Canyon Copper is a resource company with two advanced mineral resource properties in Western USA. (Copper, Gold, Silver, Molybdenum)

Can Tex Mine Development (TSX-V: CD)
Exploration of diamonds and metals world wide.

Cardero Resource Corp. (TSX: CDU)
Minerals in Mexico Peru & Argentina.

Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: CRB)
Gold, copper BC Yukon.

Carlin Gold Corp. (TSX-V: CGD)
Gold in Nevada.

Carlisle Goldfields Ltd. (TSX-V: CGJ)
Exploration and development of mineral resource properties in Canada

Carmax Mining Corp. (TSX-V: CXM)
Mineral exploration.

Carpathian Gold Inc. (TSX-V: CPN)
Gold, copper in Romania and Hungary.

Cascadero Copper. (TSX-V: CCD)
Properties in BC & Argentina.

Cash Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: CHX)
Uranium Yukon, coal in China.

Cassidy Gold Corp. (TSX-V: CDY)
Gold in Guinea, West Africa

Castillian Resources Corp. (TSX-V: CT)
Mineral exploration company. Bolivia, Tanzania.

Caza Gold. (TSX-V: CZA)
Caza Gold is a gold resource company focused on acquiring, exploring and developing prospective gold mining properties in Latin America

Central Resources Corp. (TSX-V: CBC)
Central Resourses has acquired options on several highly prospective mineral properties located in the White Gold District, Yukon; the Quesnel Trough area of British Columbia; and the Red Lake Gold Camp of Ontario.

Champion Bear Resources (TSX-V: CBA)
Platinum group metals Ontario.

Chazel Capital Inc. (No Ticker)
Chazel Capital is a privately held "Acquisition, Mining, and Exploitation Company" that acquires, develops and invests in quality precious metals mining operations throughout the free world.

Chesapeake Gold (TSX-V: CKG)
Properties in Mexico.

Clifton Mining Co. (TSX-V: CFB)
Silver mining in Utah.

Cline Mining Corp. (TSX-V: CMK)
Gold, coal, uranium.

Colibri Resource Corp. (TSX-V: CBI)
Properties in Mexico.

Columbus Gold Corp. (TSX-V: CGT)
Precious metals in Nevada, Arizona, Utah.

Commander Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: CMD)
Gold & uranium northern Canada.

Commerce Resources (TSX-V: CCE)
Tantalum and niobium in Canada.

Condor Resources Inc. (TSX-V: CN)
Copper and gold projects in Latin America

Conquest Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: CQR)
Gold in Ontario.

Consolidated Global DIiamond Corp. (TSX-V: CK)
Diamond in the NWT.

Copper Fox Metals Inc. (TSX-V: CUU)
Molybdenum, copper, gold.

Coral Gold Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: CGR)
Exploring in Nevada.

Corex Gold Corp. (TSX-V: CGE)
Large gold projects. Argentina.

Corriente Resources Inc. (TSX-V: CTQ)
Copper, gold in Ecuador

Currie Rose Resources Inc. (TSX-V: CUI)
Gold in Sask. & Tanzania.

Cypress Development Corp. (TSX-V: CYP)
Gold in Ontario & Nevada.

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