Junior Companies Starting With "M"

Macarthur Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: MMS)
Properties & exploration in Australia.

MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd. (TSX-V: BMK)
Exploration in Canada. Northern.

Mag Silver Corp. (TSX-V: MAG)
Silver mining in Mexico.

Majescor Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MJX)
Diamonds & Uranium.

Mandalay Resources Corp. (TSX-V: MLR)
Copper, silver in Chile.

Manson Creek Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MCK)
Copper, silver, moly & uranium projects in BC. Yukon & Saskatchewan.

Marifil Mines Ltd. (TSX-V: MFM)
Exploring for precious and base metals in Argentina.

Matamec Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: MAT)
Gold and uranium deposits in Ontario and in Quebec

Mawson Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MAW)
Uranium. Properties in Sweden.

Max Resource Corp. (TSX-V: MXR)
Uranium, gold & base metals in North America.

Maximus Ventures Ltd. (TSX-V: MXV)
Gold exploration projects, Nunavut & Ontario.

Maxtech Ventures Inc. (TSX-V: MVT)
Properties in China, BC.

Medallion Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MDL)
Gold in Nevada.

Mediterranean Resources Ltd (TSX-V: MNR)
Projects in Turkey.

Mega Uranium Ltd. (TSX-V: MGA)
Uranium world wide.

Merrex Gold Inc. (TSX-V: MXI)
Gold & base metals. Africa & Canada.

Metanor Resources Inc. (TSX-V: MTO)
Prospecting of gold deposits. (3) mining properties located in Quebec.

Metal Corp. (TSX-V: MTC)
Base & precious metal in the Canadian Shield.

Metalex Ventures Ltd. (TSX-V: MTX)
Metalex explores for diamonds in Canada, Greenland, Morocco and Angola.

Metalore Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MET)
Precious metals/oil & gas in Ontario.

Mexivada Mining Corp (TSX-V: MNV)
Mexivada controls gold-silver, diamond, uranium, and molybdenum properties in Nevada, Mexico, and the "ROC" Republic of Congo (Brazzaville).

Micrex Development Corp. (TSX-V: MIX)
Development of the Burmis Magnetite / Titanium property.

Midland Exploration (TSX-V: MD)
Exploring in Quebec.

Midway Gold Corp. (TSX-V: MDW)
Precious metals in Nevada.

Millstream Mines Ltd. (TSX-V: MLM)
Copper, zinc, cobalt, gold in Canada & US.

Minco Silver (TSX: MSV)
Mining silver in China.

Mindoro Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MIO)
Gold in the Philippines.

Minera Andes (TSX: MAI)
Gold in Argentina.

Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. (TSX-V: MHI)
Exploring and developing industrial mineral, aggregate, and precious and base metal properties.

Miranda Gold Corp. (TSX-V: MAD)
Gold exploration company concentrating in Nevada's Cortez Gold Trend.

Mirasol Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MRZ)
Gold, silver prospects in Argentina.

Moss Lake Gold Mines Ltd. (TSX-V: MOK)
Owns a large tonnage, low-grade gold deposit in the Shebandowan area of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Mountain Boy Minerals (TSX-V: MTB)
Actively exploring for gold, silver, base metals in the Stewart and MacKenzie area of BC.

Mountain Lake Resources Inc. (TSX-V: MOA)
Projects in Eastern Canada.

Moydow Mines (TSX: MOY)
Gold, diamonds in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Murgor Resources Inc. (TSX-V: MUG)
Exploring several highly prospective gold and Cu-Ni-PGE properties at various stages of exploration in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Mustang Minerals Corp. (TSX-V: MUM)
Nickle in Manitoba.

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