Junior Companies Starting With "G"

GGL Diamond Corp. (TSX-V: GGL)
Diamond claims in the Northwest Territories

Gabriel Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GBU)
Gold and Silver in Romania.

Galantas Gold Corporation. (TSX-V: GBUGAL)
Gold property in Ireland.

Garibaldi Resources Corp. (TSX-V: GGI)
Granite on its Black Gold claims in British Columbia. Silver and gold in Mexico.

Geologix Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: GIX)
Projects in Peru, Nevada, and Mexico.

GoviEx Uranium (TSX-V: GXU)
Uranium in Africa

Geovic Mining Corp. (TSX-V: GMC)
Cobalt and nickel in Cameroon.

Getty Copper Inc. (TSX-V: GTC)
Copper mine at Logan Lake, British Columbia.

Gitennes Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: GIT)
Exploring gold, silver and copper prospects in Canada and Peru.

Global Hunter Corp. (TSX-V: BOB)
Copper in Chile, British Columbia, and Yukon.

Globex Mining. (TSX: GMX - OTCQX: GLBXF - Germany: G1M)
Gold, copper, zinc, silver, uranium, platinum, palladium, magnesium and talc potential in North America.

GobiMin Inc. (TSX-V: GMN)
Nickel sulphide operations and development properties in northwestern China.

Golconda Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GA)
Gold, silver, copper, platinum, and diamonds in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nevada, and Alaska

Gold Bullion Development Corp. (TSX-V: GBB)
Precious metals properties of Northern Quebec and Ontario.

Gold Eagle Mines Ltd. (TSX-V: GEA)
Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Gold Reach Resources. (TSX-V: GHR)
British Columbia.

Gold World Resources Inc. (TSX-V: GDW)
Gold and silver properties in China.

Goldbrook Ventures. (TSX-V: GBK)
Exploration for Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element sulphide deposits in Quebec.

Goldcliff Resource Corporation. (TSX-V: GCN)
Acquire and develop precious, base metal and diamond properties.

Golden Arrow Resources Corporation. (TSX-V: GRG)
Exploration for precious metal discoveries in Argentina and Peru.

Golden Band Resources Inc. (TSX-V: GBN)
Gold exploration and development of its La Ronge Gold Belt properties in Northern Saskatchewan.

Golden Chalice Resources Inc. (TSX-V: GCR)
Gold properties in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nevada, and the Yukon.

Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GNG)
Gold and Silver property Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of northwestern Mexico

Golden Hope Mines Limited. (TSX-V: GNH)
Bellechasse Gold Project in Bellechasse, Quebec and Big Hill Zinc, Silver, Gold Property, Pembroke Maine.

Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. (TSX-V: GQM)
Soledad Mountain Project Mojave, California gold property.

Golden Reign Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GRR)
Developing mineral properties in the prolific Magadan Oblast (Province) of Far East Russia.

Golden Tag Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GOG)
Projects in Ontario, Mexico, and Quebec.

Golden Valley Mines Ltd. (TSX-V: GZZ)
Properties in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec.

Goldex Resources Corp. (TSX-V: GXS)
El Pato Gold Project, southeastern Guatemala.

GoldQuest Mining Corp. (TSX-V: GQC)
Gold exploration in the Dominican Republic.

Goldrea Resources Corp. (TSX-V: GOR)
Gold mine in China.

Goldrush Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GOD)
Gold exploration in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Goldsource Mines Inc. (TSX-V: GXS)
Diamond property in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Goldstake Explorations Inc. (TSX-V: GXP)
Precious metals properties in Canada, United States and Australia.

Gossan Resources Limited. (TSX-V: GSS)
Exploration of gold, platinum group and base metals. Large deposit of magnesium-rich dolomite and a silica sand prospect in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

Grande Portage Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GPG)
Exploration with British Columbia.

Grayd Resource Corporation. (TSX-V: GYD)
Gold, copper and, precious metal properties in Mexico, British Columbia, and Alaska.

Great Panther Resources Limited. (TSX-V: GPR)
Gold and silver properties in Mexico.

Great Quest Metals Ltd. (TSX-V: GQ)
Copper-gold-molybdenum in British Columbia. Gold and diamond properties in Mali, Africa.

Grenville Gold Corporation. (TSX-V: GVG)
Gold, silver, and copper mines in Peru and Equador.

Grizzly Discoveries Inc. (TSX-V: GZD)
Diamond and precious base metal properties in Alberta and British Columbia.

Gulf International Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: GIM)
Gold and Silver in Tajikistan. Exploration in British Columbia.

Guyana Goldfields (TSX-V: GUY)
Gold properties in Guyana.

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